JackLab Audio Distribution

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JackLab Audio Distribution is an openSUSE-based Linux distribution designed for musicians, producers and media creators. It is based on a low-latency, real-time Linux kernel and features the Jack Audio Connection Kit (JACK) for professional audio/midi controlling interface. The distribution uses Enlightenment 17 as its default desktop.

JackLab Audio Distribution是一份基于openSUSE的Linux发行,它面向音乐家、制作人和媒体作者。它基于一份低延时的、实时的Linux内核,并包含特色组件Jack Audio Connection Kit(JACK)作为专业音频/midi控制接口。该发行使用Enlightenment 17作为缺省桌面。


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• http://www.jacklab.net/
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