Class StringRedisTemplate

  extended by
      extended by<String,String>
          extended by
All Implemented Interfaces:
InitializingBean, RedisOperations<String,String>

public class StringRedisTemplate
extends RedisTemplate<String,String>

String-focused extension of RedisTemplate. Since most operations against Redis are String based, this class provides a dedicated class that minimizes configuration of its more generic template especially in terms of serializers.

Note that this template exposes the RedisConnection used by the RedisCallback as a StringRedisConnection.

Field Summary
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Constructor Summary
          Constructs a new StringRedisTemplate instance.
StringRedisTemplate(RedisConnectionFactory connectionFactory)
          Constructs a new StringRedisTemplate instance ready to be used.
Method Summary
protected  RedisConnection preProcessConnection(RedisConnection connection, boolean existingConnection)
          Processes the connection (before any settings are executed on it).
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Constructor Detail


public StringRedisTemplate()
Constructs a new StringRedisTemplate instance. RedisAccessor.setConnectionFactory(RedisConnectionFactory) and RedisTemplate.afterPropertiesSet() still need to be called.


public StringRedisTemplate(RedisConnectionFactory connectionFactory)
Constructs a new StringRedisTemplate instance ready to be used.

connectionFactory - connection factory for creating new connections
Method Detail


protected RedisConnection preProcessConnection(RedisConnection connection,
                                               boolean existingConnection)
Description copied from class: RedisTemplate
Processes the connection (before any settings are executed on it). Default implementation returns the connection as is.

preProcessConnection in class RedisTemplate<String,String>
connection - redis connection