K12 Linux Terminal Server Project

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K12LTSP is based on Fedora Core and the LTSP terminal server packages. It's easy to install and configure. It's distributed under the GNU General Public License. That means it's free and it's based on Open Source software. Once installed, K12LTSP lets you boot diskless workstations from an applications server. You can use old PC's as diskless clients or buy new ones for under $200 each. All applications run on the terminal server. Workstations are "thin." They have no software or hard drives. Thin-clients are perfect for schools because they are easy to install and require little maintenance. They are reliable and immune to malicious tampering and viruses.

K12LTSP基于Fedora Core及LTSP终端服务器软件包(见http://www.ltsp.org),它易于安装和配置。K12LTSP遵循GNU通用公共许可证发布,这意味着它是免费的并且基于开源软件。一旦安装好,K12LTSP可以让你从一台应用服务器引导多台无盘工作站,而这些无盘客户可以用老旧的PC机充当,或者以低于每台200美元的价钱购买到。所有的应用程序都是在终端服务器上运行的,相比之下那些工作站就显得很“微薄”,在它们上面不存在软件及硬盘驱动器。这些微薄的客户机对学校而言是极其适合的,因为装配它们非常容易,并且几乎不需要维护。它们非常可靠,并且不会受恶意破坏或者是计算机病毒的影响。


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