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KANOTIX is a Linux distribution based on Debian GNU/Linux. It usually contains the latest packages and kernels, carefully patched with fixes and drivers for most modern hardware. Although it can be used as a live CD, it also includes a simple graphical installer for easy hard disk installation. The user-friendly nature of the distribution is further enhanced by a custom-built Control Centre and specialist scripts. KANOTIX is supported on a multilingual forum, Wiki and IRC channel by the distribution's active and friendly user community.

KANOTIX是基于Debian“sid”的Linux发行。通常它包含最新的软件包及内核,精心安装了补丁和面向多数时新硬件的驱动。尽管它可以当作一张自启动运行光盘使用,它也包含了一份简单的图形化安装程序,以便于硬盘安装。一份定制的控制中心和专家脚本进一步增强了该发行的用户友好特性。 KANOTIX通过如下渠道得到来自该发行活跃的和友好的用户社区的技术支持:多语种论坛、Wiki和IRC频道。




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