Kiwi Linux

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Kiwi Linux is a modified Ubuntu live CD for the i386 architecture. It includes Romanian and Hungarian localisations, multimedia codecs, encrypted DVD support, Flash and Java plugins for Firefox, PPPoE GUI for accessing local Internet services (Clicknet and RDS) and write support for NTFS partitions.

Kiwi Linux是面向i386架构的一份修改过的Ubuntu自启动运行光盘,它包含罗马尼亚语和匈牙利语的本地化,多媒体编码解码器,对加密DVD的支持,面向Firefox的Flash及Java插件,用于访问本地互联网服务(Clicknet和RDS)的PPPoE图形用户界面,以及对NTFS分区的写支持。


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