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LG3D LiveCD is a bootable Linux CD incorporating the Project Looking Glass, a Java-based technology that attempts to bring a richer user experience to the desktop and applications via 3D windowing and visualisation capabilities. An open source development project evolved from Sun Microsystems' Advanced Development division, the LG3D live CD is based on SLAX, but it includes extra applications and technologies, such as Firefox and Gaim, working NVIDIA graphics driver, and copy2ram support. It is also possible to run it from a 256MB flash memory device.

LG3D LiveCD是可启动的Linux光盘,它是Looking Glass计划的实质性内容,这是基于Java的技术,它旨在以3D窗口和可视化性能为桌面及应用软件提供更丰富的用户体验。作为始于Sun Microsystems的Advanced Development分支的一份开源发展计划,LG3D自启动运行光盘基于SLAX,但它包含了额外的应用软件和技术,例如Firefox和Gaim,可用的NVIDIA图形驱动,以及copy2ram支持。它可以从256MB的flash存储设备运行。


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