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Linpus Linux is a commercial, Fedora-based distribution developed by Linpus Technologies, a Linux company with headquarters in Taipei, Taiwan and a development office in Shanghai, China. The product's main features are support for both traditional and simplified Chinese, LSB 2.0 certification, support for Unicode character sets, friendly KDE desktop, and compatibility with a wide range of computer hardware.

百资Linux是一份基于Fedora的商用发行,它由百资科技公司开发,这是一家总部设在台北、开发部门设于上海的Linux公司。该产品的主要特性是支持简繁体中文、LSB 2.0认证、Unicode字符集支持、友好的KDE桌面,并兼容广泛的计算机硬件。


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