linuX-gamers Live DVD

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The linuX-gamers Live DVD is a bootable medium with a collection of popular 3D games. It contains both the NVIDIA and ATI proprietary Linux drivers and includes the following games: BzFLag, Enemy Territory, Glest, Nexuiz, Sauerbraten, Torcs, Tremulous, True Combat: Elite, Warsow and World of Padman. Although the live DVD is based on Arch Linux, it does not offer any desktop Linux functionality except gaming.

linuX-gamers自启动运行DVD是一份可引导的介质,它包含一套流行的3D游戏。它包含了NVIDIA和ATI的私有Linux驱动,并带有以下游戏:BzFLag、Enemy Territory、Glest、Nexuiz、Sauerbraten、Torcs、Tremulous、True Combat: Elite、Warsow 、World of Padman。尽管该自启动运行DVD基于Arch Linux,它并不提供任何桌面Linux功能——除了游戏。


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