Linux Kernel 2.6.26 Documentation

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Linux 2.6.26 adds support for read-only bind mounts, x86 PAT (Page Attribute Tables), PCI Express ASPM (Active State Power Management), ports of KVM to IA64, S390 and PPC, other KVM improvements including basic paravirtualization support, preliminary support of the future 802.11s wireless mesh standard, much improved webcam support thanks to a driver for UVC devices, a built-in memory tester, a kernel debugger, BDI statistics and parameters exposure in /sys/class/bdi, a new /proc/PID/mountinfo file for more accurate information about mounts, per-process securebits, device white-list for containers users, support for the OLPC, some new drivers and many small improvements

Linux Kernel 2.6.26

• Debug objects life time
• Bus-Independent Device Accesses
• Linux Filesystems API
• USB Gadget API for Linux
• Linux generic IRQ handling
• The Linux Kernel API
• Unreliable Guide To Hacking The Linux Kernel
• Unreliable Guide To Locking
• Using kgdb and the kgdb Internals
• libATA Developer's Guide
• Reed-Solomon Library Programming Interface
• Linux Security Modules: General Security Hooks for Linux
• The mac80211 subsystem for kernel developers
• MCA Driver Programming Interface
• MTD NAND Driver Programming Interface
• Linux Networking and Network Devices APIs
• Linux Kernel Procfs Guide
• RapidIO Subsystem Guide
• Writing s390 channel device drivers
• SCSI Interfaces Guide
• The Userspace I/O HOWTO
• The Linux-USB Host Side API
• Video4Linux Programming
• Synchronous PPP and Cisco HDLC Programming Guide
• Writing USB Device Drivers
• Z8530 Programming Guide