2.5. Access, CVS & submitting updates

The canonical location for the HOWTO is here.

We now have anonymous CVS access available to the world at large. This is good in a number of ways. You can easily upgrade to newer versions of this HOWTO and submitting patches is no work at all.

Furthermore, it allows the authors to work on the source independently, which is good too.

$ export CVSROOT=:pserver:[email protected]:/var/cvsroot
$ cvs login
CVS password: [enter 'cvs' (without 's)]
$ cvs co 2.4routing
cvs server: Updating 2.4routing
U 2.4routing/lartc.db

If you made changes and want to contribute them, run cvs -z3 diff -uBb, and mail the output to , we can then integrate it easily. Thanks! Please make sure that you edit the .db file, by the way, the other files are generated from that one.

A Makefile is supplied which should help you create postscript, dvi, pdf, html and plain text. You may need to install docbook, docbook-utils, ghostscript and tetex to get all formats.

Be careful not to edit 2.4routing.sgml! It contains an older version of the HOWTO. The right file is lartc.db.