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Linux Security Administrator's Guide

Dave Wreski, [email protected]

v0.98, 22 August 1998

This document is a general overview of security issues that face the administrator of Linux systems. It covers general security philosophy and a number of specific examples of how to better secure your Linux system from intruders. Also included are pointers to security related material and programs.

1. Introduction

2. Overview

3. Network Security

4. Host Security

5. User, System, and Process Accounting

6. Physical Security

7. Intrusion Detection

8. Files and File System Security

9. Data Encryption, Cryptography and Authentication

10. Kernel Security

11. Exploits

12. Firewalls and Border Patrol

13. Writing Secure Code

14. Incident Response: Before, During, and After

15. Security Sources and Tools

16. Glossary

17. Frequently Asked Questions

18. Conclusion

19. Thanks To

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