Linux Mint

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Linux Mint is a operating system for personal computers based on Ubuntu's code, which in turn is based on Debian. While at the core Linux Mint is mostly based on Ubuntu, the design of the desktop and User interface are considerably different. These differences include a distinct desktop theme, a custom Linux Mint menu and the Mint Tools, a collection of system tools designed to make system management and administration easier for end users. Linux Mint is available for download in the form of ISO images, which can be used to create Live CDs or Live USBs. The latter can be created either manually or using UNetbootin.

Linux Mint comes with its own set of tools aimed at making the experience easier for the user.
• MintInstall: A program to download software from Internet catalogs that distributes mint-files.
• MintUpdate: Update-software designed specifically for Linux Mint.
• MintDesktop: A desktop configuration tool for easy configuration of the Gnome desktop.
• MintConfig: A customizable control center.
• MintAssistant: A customization wizard that appears during first log-in for users
• MintUpload: An FTP client that uploads files to a server by right-clicking on the icons and selecting upload.
• MintSpace: The larger sibling of MintUpload.
• MintMenu: A python-coded menu that allows for fully customizable text, icons, and colors.
• MintWifi: drivers for quite a few wlan gadgets and