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1.8.2 Deprecated Argument Conventions

The ability to pass a numeric argument to gensym has been deprecated.

The :test-not argument to the functions in the next figure are deprecated.

adjoin             nset-difference    search            
assoc              nset-exclusive-or  set-difference    
count              nsublis            set-exclusive-or  
delete             nsubst             sublis            
delete-duplicates  nsubstitute        subsetp           
find               nunion             subst             
intersection       position           substitute        
member             rassoc             tree-equal        
mismatch           remove             union             
nintersection      remove-duplicates                    

Figure 1-3. Functions with Deprecated :TEST-NOT Arguments

The use of the situation names compile, load, and eval in eval-when is deprecated.

The following X3J13 cleanup issues, not part of the specification, apply to this section:

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