Logic Linux

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Linux Loco is an Argentinian GNU/Linux distribution based on Debian GNU/Linux. Its objective is to offer a simple installation, an up to date desktop, and a secure base. However, the most ambitious objective of Loco Linux is to create consciousness about Free Software in Argentina, and generate a framework for the development of Free Software in public and private environments. Linux Loco is based on Progeny Componentized Linux and shares some components with gnuLinEx.

Linux Loco是一份阿根廷语言的GNU/Linux发行,它基于Debian GNU/Linux。它的目标是提供一份简单的安装,一份最时新的桌面,以及一套安全的基础。然而,Loco Linux的最具雄心的目标是在阿根廷创建一种自由软件的意识,并为自由软件在公众及私人场合的发展创造一份架构。Linux Loco基于Progeny Componentized Linux(即Progeny Debian),它也分享了gnuLinEx的一些组件。


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