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Lunar is a source based Linux distribution with a unique package management system which builds each software package, or module, for the machine it is being installed on. Though it can take a while to do a complete Lunar installation it's worth it as it tends to be quite fast, once installed! In the beginning Lunar was a fork of Sorcerer GNU Linux (SGL). The fork occurred in late January to early February of 2002 and was originally made up of a small group of people who wanted to collaboratively develop and extend the Sorcerer technology. The original name for the project was Lunar-Penguin but the group decided to re-christen it Lunar Linux while the Lunar-Penguin name has become a sort of umbrella which the team could use if they decide to collaboratively develop something besides Lunar Linux.

Lunar是一份基于源码的Linux发行,其独特的包管理系统能够根据即将进行安装的机器生成相应的软件包或模块。尽管进行一次完整的Lunar安装需要花费一些时间,但这样做是值得的,因为一旦你安装完毕,Lunar运行起来是非常快的!Lunar起先是Sorcerer GNU Linux (SGL)的一个分支,那发生在2002年的1月末到2月初,并由一群希望联合开发并扩展Sorcerer技术的人所倡导。该项目最初的名字叫做 Lunar-Penguin,但后来开发组决定更名为Lunar-Linux,而Lunar-Penguin则成为了一个通用名词,当开发组要开发 Lunar-Linux之外的产品时,他们就可以使用Lunar-Penguin的名称。


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