Miracle Linux

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Miracle Linux is a Linux distribution completely re-engineered as a secure, high performance back-end server for business workgroups in the enterprise. Miracle Linux exists in several editions: Miracle Linux for Samba, Miracle Linux for PostgreSQL, Miracle Linux with Oracle and Miracle Linux Server OS, all of which are based on Miracle Linux Standard Edition. New editions for the IA-64 platform and for mission critical applications with clustering capabilities are currently being developed.

Miracle Linux是一份经过重新设计的发行,它可作为企业工作组的安全、高性能的后端服务器。Miracle Linux提供一系列的版本:Miracle Linux for Samba、Miracle Linux for PostgreSQL、Miracle Linux with Oracle以及Miracle Linux Server OS,它们都基于Miracle Linux Standard Edition。此外,为IA-64平台及面向特殊应用场合并带有集群功能支持的新版本也正在开发中。


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