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Momonga Linux is a Linux distribution developed in a "bazaar" model style among its user community. Why momonga? you may wonder... A momonga (aka Pteromys momonga) is a flying squirrel found both in Europe and Asia. It's an animal known for a self-asserting behaviour, despite its small size. We, at the Momonga Project, like the momonga, may be small and not well-known, but we do express ourselves without fear or favour, so hopefully a new user can feel our enthusiasm and belief from the Momonga Linux. Also, an installer for Momonga Linux is also called momonga. Taking over its name, it does the job quickly and efficiently, just like a momonga.

Momonga Linux是一份在其用户社区中靠“集贸市场”模式开发的Linux发行。你可能会问为什么要命名为Momonga。这其实是生活在欧洲及亚洲的一种鼯鼠,它被认为是一种自作主张的动物,尽管它的个头很小。我们Momonga项目组,就像鼯鼠那样个小不出名,但我们毫无担心或矫造地展示自己,因而新用户能感受到我们的热忱及对Momonga Linux的信心。Momonga Linux的安装程序也叫做momonga;正如它的名字一样,它迅速有效地完成任务,就像一只鼯鼠一样。


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