This datasource holds the user's bookmarks. Each bookmark holds a title and URL and information about when the user has visited the bookmark and the schedule for checking when the URL is checked for updates. The root of the bookmarks datasource is NC:BookmarksRoot. You can also use the roots NC:PersonalToolbarFolder for the folder holding personal toolbar items and NC:IEFavoritesRoot for the folder containing the imported IE favorites.

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Available Resource Properties:

BookmarkAddDate (http://home.netscape.com/NC-rdf#BookmarkAddDate)

The date and time that the bookmark was added.

Description (http://home.netscape.com/NC-rdf#Description)

The description or comments of the bookmark. The user can set this in a bookmark's property window.

LastModifiedDate (http://home.netscape.com/WEB-rdf#LastModifiedDate)

The date that URL was last modified.

LastVisitDate (http://home.netscape.com/WEB-rdf#LastVisitDate)

The date that URL was last visited.

Name (http://home.netscape.com/NC-rdf#Name)

The name of the resource. This will be the title of the page.

Schedule (http://home.netscape.com/WEB-rdf#Schedule)

The schedule for checking the bookmark's URL for updates. This is a string of the following format:
<days to check>|<times to check>|<duration>|<alert options>

For example: '1|4-11|30|icon,alert' means check on Monday between 4 and 11, every thirty minutes. If the page has been updated, the icon changed and an alert is displayed. The first value may contain multiple digits for multiple days. Additional alert options are 'sound' and 'open' to play a sound and open a new window. These options correspond to those in the bookmark properties dialog.

ShortcutURL (http://home.netscape.com/NC-rdf#ShortcutURL)

The shortcut keyword for the resource. You can set this for a bookmark in its properties window.

URL (http://home.netscape.com/NC-rdf#URL)

The URL for the resource. This will be the URL that is opened when a user double-clicks on the entry in a tree.

status (http://home.netscape.com/WEB-rdf#status)

This property is set to the string 'new' when an update check determines that the page has been modified. This only applies when the schedule has the icon alert option set.

type (http://www.w3.org/1999/02/22-rdf-syntax-ns#type)

The type of bookmark. This will be set to one of three possible values. The bookmarks window uses the type to determine how to render the bookmark, including which icon to use.

Available Resource Commands:

Commands can be called with the DoCommand method of the nsIRDFDataSource interface. This method can take a number of arguments, which are described in the descriptions below.

deletebookmark (http://home.netscape.com/NS-rdf#command?cmd=deletebookmark)

Deletes a bookmark from the datasource.

deletebookmarkfolder (http://home.netscape.com/NS-rdf#command?cmd=deletebookmarkfolder)

Deletes a bookmark from the datasource.

deletebookmarkseparator (http://home.netscape.com/NS-rdf#command?cmd=deletebookmarkseparator)

Deletes a bookmark separator from the datasource.

export (http://home.netscape.com/NS-rdf#command?cmd=export)

Used to export bookmarks to a file. Use the URL property to specify a file URL to export to.

import (http://home.netscape.com/NS-rdf#command?cmd=import)

Used to import bookmarks from a file. Use the URL property to specify a file URL to import from.

newbookmark (http://home.netscape.com/NS-rdf#command?cmd=newbookmark)

Adds a new bookmark to the datasource. Arguments include the Name and URL of the new bookmark. You should pass nsIResource objects for the name and URL as arguments.

newfolder (http://home.netscape.com/NS-rdf#command?cmd=newfolder)

Adds a new bookmark folder to the datasource. Use the Name argument to specify the folder title.

newseparator (http://home.netscape.com/NS-rdf#command?cmd=newseparator)

Adds a new bookmark separator to the datasource.

setnewbookmarkfolder (http://home.netscape.com/NS-rdf#command?cmd=setnewbookmarkfolder)

Indicates that a bookmark is a folder.

setnewsearchfolder (http://home.netscape.com/NS-rdf#command?cmd=setnewsearchfolder)

indicates that a folder is the one used for storing search results.

setpersonaltoolbarfolder (http://home.netscape.com/NS-rdf#command?cmd=setpersonaltoolbarfolder)

Indicates that a folder is the one used for the items that appear on the personal toolbar.

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