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Muriqui Linux is a Brazilian Debian-based Linux distribution incorporating the easy-to-use Anaconda graphical installer from Progeny. A special feature of this distribution is the option to install a Diskless Remote Boot Server (DRBS) automatically during the installation procedure. The principal aim of this effort is to provide a distribution specially adapted to educational environments in Brazil where the use of diskless stations for digital inclusion is growing fast and becoming a standard. The distribution has been tested in a group of "telecentres" in the State of Minas Gerais in Brazil, with excellent results.

Muriqui Linux是基于Debian的由巴西人开发的Linux发行,它还结合了Progeny所采用的易于使用的Anaconda图形安装程序。该发行的独特之处在于安装过程中会提供一个自动安装无盘远程启动服务器(DRBS)的选项,其主要目的则在于打造一份专门面向巴西教育环境的发行,因为在巴西,无盘工作站的使用得到了迅速的发展,并且正在成为一种标准。Muriqui Linux已经在巴西Minas Gerais州的一些远程计算中心中进行了测试,并且取得了非常好的效果。


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