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MythDora is a specialized Linux distribution based on Fedora and MythTV, designed to simplify the installation of MythTV on a home theatre PC. In addition to MythTV and its plugins, MythDora includes extra Linux packages that are necessary for MythTV to run, and drivers for hardware commonly encountered in machines intended to run MythTV. Also included in MythDora are several video game emulators, and extra tools and scripts.

MythDora 是一份专用Linux发行,它基于Fedora和MythTV,并被设计为能在家庭影院电脑上简化MythTV的安装。除了MythTV及其插件,MythDora还包括让MythTV运行所必需的额外Linux软件包,以及一些在面向运行MythTV的机器上经常用得到的硬件驱动。 MythDora也包括一些视频游戏模拟器,以及额外的工具和脚本。


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