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SUSE Linux Enterprise is an interoperable platform for mission-critical computing. SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop is an enterprise-quality Linux desktop that's ready for routine business use. It provides interoperability with existing systems and many office applications. It also delivers flexibility for desktop and notebook clients, thin-client devices, and high-end technical workstations. SUSE Linux Enterprise Server is designed to handle mission-critical workloads. It is an open, scalable, solution that comes with integrated Xen-based virtualization, application security, and systems management across a range of hardware architectures. SUSE Linux Enterprise Server provides interoperability with Windows and other platforms, and it provides a secure foundation for a broad range of edge, departmental and data center needs.

SUSE Linux Enterprise是一份面向关键任务计算的协作式平台。SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop是企业级Linux桌面,适合例行的企业应用。它向现有系统和很多办公应用提供了可协作性。它还为台式机、笔记本、瘦终端设备、高端专业工作站提供了灵活性。SUSE Linux Enterprise Server则被设计为能够承担关键任务的工作负荷。它是开放的和可扩展的解决方案,集成了基于Xen的虚拟系统、应用程序安全、跨多种硬件架构的系统管理。SUSE Linux Enterprise Server提供了与Windows和其他平台的互操作性,并向各类边缘计算以及部门和数据中心需求提供了一份安全的基础。

Novell 推出的社区版Linux: OpenSUSE


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