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Olive is minimalistic Linux live CD based on Debian GNU/Linux. It offers a number of rarely-seen features, such as a unique boot process using a combination of BusyBox and GHLI, a modular script interpreter, a custom package management tool called UniPKG, a read-write live CD infrastructure with Unionfs and Squashfs, and the Enlightenment window manager. The purpose of the project is to demonstrate ease-of-use of Linux and to showcase interesting new technologies.

Olive是基于Debian GNU/Linux的最低纲领主义Linux自启动光盘。它提供大量不常见的特性,例如采用BusyBox 和GHLI相结合的独特的引导过程,一套模块化的脚本解释器,一份称为UniPKG的定制软件包管理工具,一套支持Unionfs和Squashfs的读 /写自启动运行光盘基础构造,以及Enlightenment窗口管理器。该项目的目标是展现Linux的易于使用,并展示有趣的新技术。


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