One Laptop Per Child (OLPC)

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One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) is an initiative to build a low-cost laptop computer with a pre-installed operating system and applications designed for children in developing countries. The operating system is a Linux-based solution, a heavily customised edition of Fedora Core with a special graphical user interface called Sugar. Among applications, the system includes a web browser built on Xulrunner, a simple document viewer based on Evince; the AbiWord word processor, an RSS reader, email, chat and VOIP clients, a multimedia authoring and playback environment, a music composition toolkit, graphics toolkits, games, a shell, and a debugger.

One Laptop Per Child(OLPC)是为发展中国家儿童提供低成本并预装了操作系统和应用软件的笔记本电脑的一项初步行动。其中的操作系统是一份基于Linux的解决方案,它是Fedora Core的一份高度定制的版本,包括一份称为Sugar的特别图形用户界面。在这些应用软件中,系统包含了一个基于Xulrunner的网页浏览器,一份基于Evince的简便文件察看器,AbiWord字处理软件,一份RSS阅读器,电子邮件、聊天和VOIP客户端,一份多媒体制作和播放环境,一套音乐创作工具集,图形软件工具包,游戏,命令行解释器,以及一份程序调试器。


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