ARMA aka Omoikane GNU/Linux

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Omoikane GNU/Linux, known as OGL, is a Japanese distribution based on Debian's testing branch. It has a user friendly installer based on Scheme and GTK+. The commercial branch of the Omoikane GNU/Linux is knows as ARMA - it includes the most popular Japanese input method "ATOK", RICHO True Type Fonts and other features. A free version of OGL, containing fewer packages, is available from FTP servers and mirrors.

Omoikane GNU/Linux简称为OGL,它是一份基于Debian测试分支的日语发行。它有一份用户友好的基于GTK+的图形安装程序。Omoikane GNU/Linux的商业分支被称为ARMA,它包括了最流行的日语输入法“ATOK”和RICHO的True Type字体,并拥有其他的特性。OGL的免费版本包含的软件包要少一些,并可以从FTP服务器及镜像处获得。


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