OpenCV  3.0.0-dev
Open Source Computer Vision
cv::AutoBuffer< _Tp, fixed_size > Member List

This is the complete list of members for cv::AutoBuffer< _Tp, fixed_size >, including all inherited members.

allocate(size_t _size)cv::AutoBuffer< _Tp, fixed_size >
AutoBuffer()cv::AutoBuffer< _Tp, fixed_size >
AutoBuffer(size_t _size)cv::AutoBuffer< _Tp, fixed_size >
AutoBuffer(const AutoBuffer< _Tp, fixed_size > &buf)cv::AutoBuffer< _Tp, fixed_size >
bufcv::AutoBuffer< _Tp, fixed_size >protected
deallocate()cv::AutoBuffer< _Tp, fixed_size >
operator _Tp *()cv::AutoBuffer< _Tp, fixed_size >
operator const _Tp *() const cv::AutoBuffer< _Tp, fixed_size >
operator=(const AutoBuffer< _Tp, fixed_size > &buf)cv::AutoBuffer< _Tp, fixed_size >
ptrcv::AutoBuffer< _Tp, fixed_size >protected
resize(size_t _size)cv::AutoBuffer< _Tp, fixed_size >
size() const cv::AutoBuffer< _Tp, fixed_size >
szcv::AutoBuffer< _Tp, fixed_size >protected
value_type typedefcv::AutoBuffer< _Tp, fixed_size >
~AutoBuffer()cv::AutoBuffer< _Tp, fixed_size >