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Openfiler is a storage management operating system based on CentOS. It is powered by the Linux kernel and open source applications such as Apache, Samba, Linux Volume Management, ext3, Linux NFS and iSCSI enterprise target. Openfiler combines these ubiquitous technologies into a small, easy-to-manage solution fronted by a powerful web-based management interface. Openfiler allows building a Network Attached Storage (NAS) and/or Storage Area Network (SAN) appliance, using industry-standard hardware, in less than 10 minutes of installation time.

Openfiler是一份基于CentOS的存储管理操作系统。它由Linux内核和开源应用软件所驱动,后者包括Apache、Samba、Linux Volume Management、ext3、Linux NFS及iSCSI enterprise target。Openfiler将这些公用技术集成为一份小型的、易于管理的解决方案,并配有一个强大的基于web的管理界面作为前端。 Openfiler允许你使用符合工业标准的硬件创建一份网络附加存储(NAS)和/或存储区域网络(SAN)应用,而这只需要不到十分钟的安装时间。


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