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openmamba GNU/Linux is a distribution for personal computers (Intel i686-compatible) that can be used on notebooks, desktops and servers. It works as an installable live CD, offering out-of-the box support for proprietary graphics drivers and wireless network cards, a variety of media codecs and 3D desktop with KDE. The distribution, which has roots in the discontinued QiLinux project, uses APT for RPM and Synaptic as its package management tools.

openmamba GNU/Linux是面向个人电脑(Intel i686兼容)的发行,它可以用在笔记本电脑、台式机、服务器上。它按一份可安装的自启动运行光盘来工作,为私有图形适配卡、无线网卡、多种媒体编码解码器、三维KDE桌面提供即刻可用的支持。该发行源于现已终结的QiLinux项目。它使用APT for RPM和Synaptic作为软件包管理工具。


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