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OpenNA Linux is a GPL-licensed Linux operating system with rock-solid stability and industrial-strength networking. Highly secure, very fast, and modern Linux operating system, it is intended for those who want to install and run a Linux server for mission critical tasks in a high secure environment. With OpenNA Linux, you have the choice to install different pre-defined types of servers which will install only what is required for the server to run with the required service. If you want to run a web server in your network, then OpenNA Linux will install at your demand the required packages to provide this service. In this way your server will never keep software that you don't know or you don't need for the services you want to provide.

OpenNA Linux是一份遵循GPL的Linux操作系统,它具有坚固的稳定性和企业级的网络性能。作为一份安全、快捷的现代化Linux操作系统,它面向那些需要高度安全的环境,以便用户安装并运行Linux服务器来完成高度重要的任务。拥有OpenNA Linux,你可以按各种预先定义的类型来安装不同的服务器,并且只安装那些运行特定服务所必需的服务器组件。如果你想在网络中运行一台web服务器,OpenNA Linux将按照你的命令只安装提供该服务所必需的软件包。通过这种方式,你的服务器上将不会保留你不了解或者不需要提供的服务.


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