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OpenSolaris is an open source project created by Sun Microsystems to build a developer community around Solaris Operating System technology. It is aimed at developers, system administrators and users who want to develop and improve operating systems. OpenSolaris is derived from the Unix System V Release 4 codebase, and has significant modifications made by Sun since it bought the rights to the codebase in 1994. It is the only open source System V derivative available.

• OpenSolaris And Beyond


• OpenSolaris Developer's Reference
• OpenSolaris 技术介绍


• DTrace User Guide
• Solaris Dynamic Tracing Guide
• Solaris ZFS Administration Guide
• System Administration Guide: Solaris Containers-Resource Management and Solaris Zones
• Solaris Containers: Resource Management and Solaris Zones Developer's Guide
• Solaris Volume Manager Administration Guide
• System Administration Guide: Basic Administration
• System Administration Guide: Advanced Administration
• System Administration Guide: IP Services
• Solaris Express Installation Guide: Solaris Flash Archives (Creation and Installation)
• Solaris Trusted Extensions Label Administration


• Distributions based on OpenSolaris
• BeleniX
• Nexenta OS
• SchilliX
• MilaX


• DTrace