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Ophcrack LiveCD is a specialist Slax-based live CD containing Ophcrack, an open source Windows password cracker that uses rainbow tables. The graphical program included on the live CD is reputed for being able to crack alphanumeric Windows passwords of up to 14 characters in usually just a few seconds.

Ophcrack LiveCD是一份基于Slax的专用自启动运行光盘,它包含开放源代码软件Ophcrack,这是Windows口令破解软件,它采用“彩虹表”技术。这份自启动运行光盘包含了图形界面的Ophcrack程序,号称可以破译至多包括14个字符(数字及字母)组成的Windows口令,而这通常只需要几秒钟。


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