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Oracle Work in Process User's Guide
Release 12.1
Part Number E13678-04
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Attaching Files to Jobs, Schedules, and Operations

You can attach illustrative or explanatory files - in the form of text, images, word processing documents, spreadsheets, video, and so on- to discrete jobs, repetitive schedules, and job/schedule operations. For example, you can attach a text message, such as “source inspection required," to a job to indicate that completed assemblies must be inspected before they can be shipped to customers.

Note: For Oracle Work in Process reports that print attachments, only the Short Text datatypes print. However, you can view Long Text datatype attachments in the Document block. See: Defining Operation Documents

Routing operation attachments defined in Oracle Bills of Material are automatically copied to your work in process routing operations. You can delete them and add new ones as required. Deleting an attachment to an image or OLE object deletes the link to the file not the file itself.

To attach files to discrete jobs or repetitive schedules:

  1. Navigate to the Discrete Jobs or Repetitive Schedules window and select a discrete job or repetitive schedule.

    You can only define attachments for discrete jobs and repetitive schedules that have been saved. See: Defining Discrete Jobs Manually and Defining Repetitive Schedules Manually.

  2. Choose Attachments from the Edit Menu.

To attach files to operations:

  1. Navigate to the Operations window then select an operation in the Operations region.

    You can only define attachments for operations that have been saved. See: Adding and Updating Operations.

  2. Choose the Attachments from the Edit menu.

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