2.6.2 Synchronizing Software Channels Using spacecmd

To synchronize a software channel, use the softwarechannel_syncrepos command, for example:

spacecmd {SSM:0}> softwarechannel_syncrepos oraclelinux6-x86_64-addons

The command returns immediately and does not show the status of the synchronization. You can use the tail -f command to view the log file /var/logs/rhn/reposync/channel_label.log.

To set up a schedule for channel synchronization, use the softwarechannel_setsyncschedule command, for example:

spacecmd {SSM:0}> softwarechannel_setsyncschedule oraclelinux6-x86_64-addons 0 30 10 ? * *

The example configures the oraclelinux6-x86_64-addons channel to be resynchronized once every day at 10:30am. Specify the schedule in Quartz format. For more information, see the CronTrigger Tutorial.