10.4.5 Subscribing Client Systems to Configuration Channels Using the Spacewalk Web Interface

To subscribe a client system to a configuration channel:

  1. Go to Systems and click the system name.

  2. Select the Configuration tab, then the Manage Configuration Channels tab, and finally the Subscribe to Channels tab.

  3. On the Step 1: Select Channels for Subscription page, select the check boxes for the channels to which you want to subscribe the system and click Continue.

  4. On the Step 2: Rank Channels for Subscription page, you can optionally change the order of the configuration channels according to priority. Higher-rank entries override lower-rank entries if several entries can modify the same files or directories.

  5. To save your changes, click Update Channel Rankings.

See Section 10.4.7, “Deploying Configuration Files to Client Systems Using the Spacewalk Web Interface”.