2.7.3 Cloning Software Channels by Date Using spacewalk-clone-by-date

You can use the spacewalk-clone-by-date utility to clone Oracle Linux channels for a given date, which preserves the state of the channel's errata and their associated packages from its original release up to and including that date. If required, you can blacklist or remove packages, and choose which types of errata to include or exclude.

The following example clones only security errata from the ol6-x86_64-latest channel up to July 4, 2015 to ol6-x86_64-20150704:

# spacewalk-clone-by-date --username=swadmin --password=swpasswd \
  --to_date=2015-07-04 --channels=ol6-x86_64-latest ol6-x86_64-latest-sec-150704 \
  --security_only --background --assumeyes 

The command runs uninterrupted in the background. The specified spacewalk user must have Organizational Administrator or Channel Administrator privileges.

The next example clones both a base channel and a patch child channel up to August 15 2015, excluding all versions of the ntp package and packages that start with fuse.

# spacewalk-clone-by-date --username=swadmin --password=swpasswd \
  --channels=ol6-x86_64-base ol6-x86_64-base-150815
  --channels=ol6-x86_64-patch ol6-x86_64-patch-150815
  --to_date=2015-08-15 --blacklist=ntp,fuse*

You can run spacewalk-clone-by-date remotely by using the -s option to specify the Spacewalk server's URL for XML/RPC API connections, for example -s https://swksvr_FQDN/rpc/api.

A common use case is to run spacewalk-clone-by-date at regular intervals to keep cloned channels up to date. To generate a sample configuration file, use the following command:

# spacewalk-clone-by-date --sample-config

For more information, see the spacewalk-clone-by-date(8) manual page.