10.3 Working with Scheduled Events

To display a list of completed, failed, and pending events, use the schedule_list command.

spacecmd {SSM:0}> schedule_list
ID      Date                 C    F    P     Action
--      ----                ---  ---  ---    ------
343     20150617T01:30:00     0    0    2    Run an arbitrary script

The C, F, and P columns show the number of systems on which the event has completed, failed, or is pending. To display only completed, failed, or pending events, use the schedule_listcompleted, schedule_listfailed, or schedule_listpending commands.

To display the details of a pending event, use the schedule_details command.

spacecmd {SSM:0}> schedule_details 343
ID:        343
Action:    Run an arbitrary script
User:      swadmin
Date:      20150617T01:30:00

Completed:   0
Failed:      0
Pending:     2

Pending Systems

To cancel a pending event, use the schedule_cancel command.

spacecmd {SSM:0}> schedule_cancel 343
INFO: Canceled action 343
Canceled 1 action(s)

To re-run a failed event, use the schedule_reschedule command.

spacecmd {SSM:0}> schedule_reschedule 382
Rescheduled 1 action(s)