2.2 Configuring Software Channels for ULN

Spacewalk contains a ULN plug-in for the spacewalk-repo-sync tool. The plug-in enables you to synchronize software channels without having to register the Spacewalk server with ULN.

To configure the ULN plug-in:

  1. Change the mode of /etc/rhn/spacewalk-repo-sync/uln.conf to 600 (read-write).

    # chmod 600 /etc/rhn/spacewalk-repo-sync/uln.conf
  2. Edit /etc/rhn/spacewalk-repo-sync/uln.conf and add your SSO login user name and password for ULN:

    username = ULN_SSO_username 
    password = ULN_SSO_password
  3. Change the mode of /etc/rhn/spacewalk-repo-sync/uln.conf to 400 (read-only).

    # chmod 400 /etc/rhn/spacewalk-repo-sync/uln.conf

To protect your ULN credentials, verify that /etc/rhn/spacewalk-repo-sync/uln.conf is read-only (file mode 0400) by root.

When you have configured the ULN plug-in, you can use either the Spacewalk web interface, spacecmd, or spacewalk-common-channels to create the Spacewalk software channels, repositories, and activation keys:

Once you have set up the software channels and repositories, download the packages by synchronizing the software channels with ULN. See Section 2.6, “Synchronizing Software Channels”.