6.1 Enabling the OSA Daemon in a Kickstart Profile Using the Spacewalk Web Interface


The procedure in this section applies if you use Spacewalk to generate the Kickstart file.

To configure a Kickstart profile to install and enable the OSA daemon on a client system:

  1. Go to Systems, select Kickstart and then Profiles.

  2. Select the profile, and then select Software to display the Package Groups page.

  3. On the Package Groups page, include osad in the list of packages to install.

  4. Select Kickstart Details to display the Details page.

  5. On the Details page, select Advanced Options, enable the services option and add the following entry:


    Spacewalk adds the following option to the generated Kickstart file:

    services --enabled=osad

    The osad service starts automatically at the default run level when the target client system reboots following installation.

  6. Click Update Kickstart to save your changes.