12.3 Provisioning Client Systems as Ksplice Offline Clients

To provision a client system as a Ksplice offline client, configure its Kickstart profile as follows:

  • Under Kickstart Details, select the Operating System tab, ensure that the check box for the Ksplice child software channel is checked, and click Update Kickstart.

  • Under Software, include uptrack-offline in the list of packages to install.

  • Under Scripts, create a post-installation, nochroot shell script that installs the Ksplice update packages.

    For Oracle Linux 6 or Oracle Linux 7:

    yum install uptrack-updates-`uname -r`

    For Oracle Linux 5:

    yum install uptrack-updates-`uname -r`.`uname -m`

Install new Ksplice updates as they become available. You can schedule Spacewalk to update the client system or you can set up an anacron script on the client itself. For example, you could use the following script with an Oracle Linux 6 or Oracle Linux 7 client:

yum install uptrack-updates-`uname -r`

The script must be executable and be owned by root. If you place the script in /etc/cron.daily on the client, it runs once every day.