Chapter 8 Configuring System Groups to Manage Client Systems

To allow you to perform the same actions on multiple client systems, you can create system groups. Typically, a system group contains systems that have a common installation base, architecture, and profile, for example Oracle Linux 6 (x86_64) servers.

If you manage large numbers of systems, creating system groups is a powerful way of applying errata, installing or upgrading packages, changing channel subscriptions, deploying configuration files, or reconfiguring Kickstart provisioning with a minimum of effort.

Spacewalk provides the System Set Manager, which maintains a current working system group or system set to which you can add or remove systems and system groups. You can perform actions on the systems in the system set or you can save the system set as a new system group.


If a system is present in the system set, the Spacewalk web interface shows a check mark in its associated check box on the Systems page. You can select or deselect system check boxes to add or remove systems from the system set.