Chapter 4 Provisioning Client Systems

Oracle supports the provisioning of Oracle Linux servers as Spacewalk client systems. You can use Spacewalk to manage Fedora-based clients and other systems by using upstream client binaries and repositories but Oracle does not provide support for these clients.

Oracle provides Spacewalk client packages for Oracle Linux 5 and 6 for both i386 and x86_64 architectures. For Oracle Linux 7, packages for the x86_64 architecture only are provided.

If you configure a Spacewalk server to mirror the Spacewalk Client 2.2 channel provided on Oracle Public Yum and enable this channel for a Kickstart profile, Spacewalk automatically installs the Spacewalk Client software on any Oracle Linux server that it provisions and it registers this server as a Spacewalk client. You can use the spacewalk-common-channels command to configure the Spacewalk Client 2.2 channel as described in Section 2.3, “Configuring Software Channels to Obtain Packages from Oracle Public Yum”.