2.6.1 Synchronizing Software Channels Using the Spacewalk Web Interface

Figure 2.3 Channel Repositories Page

The image shows the Channel Repositories page of the Spacewalk web interface.

To synchronize software channels:

  1. Go to Channels, select Manage Software Channels and then select the required channel.

  2. On the Channel Details page, select Repositories and then select Sync.

  3. On the Channel Repositories page:

    1. Check the following check boxes as required:

      Do not sync erratas

      Select if you do not want to synchronize any errata that are available for the channel.

      Create kickstartable tree

      Select if you want to be able to associate a Kickstart profile with the channel. See Chapter 4, Provisioning Client Systems.

      Terminate upon any error

      Select if you want synchronization to stop if an error occurs.

    2. Synchronize the software channel:

      • To perform an immediate manual synchronization, click Sync Now.

      • To schedule a recurring synchronization job, select the preferred schedule and times, and click Schedule.

        You can specify a schedule using Quartz format, for example 0 30 22 ? * * would specify that Spacewalk should resynchronize the channel every day at 10:30 PM. Using Quartz format is the only way to schedule a synchronization several times a day. For example: 0 0 0,2,22 ? * * would specify that synchronization should take place at 10 PM, midnight, and 2 AM.

        For more information, see the CronTrigger Tutorial.