10.4.8 Deploying Configuration Files to Client Systems Using spacecmd


You must have previously subscribed the system to the appropriate configuration channel for the configuration files that you want to deploy. See Section 10.4.6, “Subscribing Client Systems to Configuration Channels Using spacecmd”.

The first deployment to a client system can fail if the /var/log/rhncfg-actions log file does not exist on the client. If the deployment fails, the log file is created automatically, and you can reschedule the deployment event. Alternatively, run the command touch /var/log/rhncfg-actions on the client system before deploying any files to it.

To deploy all configuration files to a system or system group, use the system_deployconfigfiles command.

spacecmd {SSM:0}> system_deployconfigfiles group:group3

Deploy ALL configuration files to these systems [y/N]: y
INFO: Scheduled deployment for 2 system(s)

To display the details of a pending deployment event, use the schedule_details command. See Section 10.3, “Working with Scheduled Events”.