10.4.2 Defining Custom Information Keys Using the Spacewalk Web Interface

To define a custom information key and assign it to a system:

  1. Go to Systems and select Custom System Info.

  2. Click + create new key.

  3. On the Create Custom Info Key page, enter a key label (for example, asset_tag) and description, and then click Create Key.

  4. Go to Systems and click the name of the system for which you want to assign a value to the key.

  5. Select the Custom Info tab.

  6. On the Custom System Information page, click + create new value.

  7. On the Edit Custom Info Key page, select the key to which you want to assign a value.

    The page updates to display information about the key and a Value text box.

  8. Enter the key value in the Value text box and click Update Key.

    The Custom System Information page displays the key-value pairs that are associated with a system. You can modify a value by selecting the associated Edit this value link.


You can also define custom information keys for a system by using the Custom Info tab of a system's Kickstart profile.

You can define as many key-value pairs for a system as you require.