Pie Box Enterprise Linux

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Pie Box Enterprise Linux is a Linux distribution that is derived from the open source software made available by Red Hat, Inc. It is built from the source RPMs of Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Only a small number of packages are modified in order to remove Red Hat's trademarks from relevant images and to skip the RHN registration step immediately after installation. All other packages remain unchanged from those released by Red Hat and there are no packages added or removed. This results in a product that is fully compatible with Red Hat Enterprise Linux. The updates and repository service is very similar to the up2date service offered by Red Hat, Inc. It is a subscription-based service under which errata are distributed that have been compiled from source RPM packages that have been released by Red Hat, Inc.

Pie Box Enterprise Linux是一份出自于Red Hat公司所提供的开源软件的Linux发行。它基于Red Hat Enterprise Linux的源码包。只有少数的软件包经过了修改,以从相关图片中删除Red Hat的商标,并且在安装的末尾跳过RHN注册步骤。其余的Red Hat软件包都未经改动,也没有增删任何软件包。这样获得的产品与Red Hat Enterprise Linux是完全兼容的。Pie Box的软件更新及资源库服务都与Red Hat提供的up2date服务非常相似。这是需要订购的服务,基于Red Hat源码包的勘误籍此发布。


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