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PLD Linux Distribution is a free, RPM-based Linux distribution, aimed at the more advanced users and administrators, who accept the trade-offs of using a system that might require manual tweaking in exchange for flexibility. Simultaneous support for a wide variety of architectures and non-conservative approach to RPM usage provide the users with a consistent environment on almost all available architectures.

PLD始于1998年,这是一份主要在波兰开发的Linux发行。它是一群Linux狂热爱好者的产品。我们拥有约200名对PLD开发有兴趣的人士,但实际上,活跃工作的开发人员数量大致为50。PLD是“PLD Linux Distribution”的缩写。该发行提供两种专门的、强大的RPM管理器,一种是来自Debian的apt的克隆,另一种是我们自己的 “poldek”。


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