Poseidon Linux

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Poseidon Linux is a GNU/Linux distribution designed for academic and scientific use. Although based on Ubuntu, it enhances its parent by adding a large number of applications for GIS/maps, numerical modelling, 2D/3D/4D visualisation, statistics, tools for creating simple and complex graphics, programming languages and more. The usual software for daily use, such as office suite, Internet browser, instant messaging and chat clients are also included.

Poseidon Linux是一份面向学术及科研应用的GNU/Linux发行。它基于Ubuntu,但它通过增加大量应用程序从而获得了很多改进,这些软件覆盖GIS /maps、数学建模、2D/3D/4D视图、统计、创建简单和复杂图形的工具、编程语言,以及更多。日常应用软件,例如办公套件、Internet浏览器、即时通讯和聊天客户端也包含在内。


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