Red Hat Directory Server 7.1

Red Hat Directory Server Installation Guide

Table of Contents
About This Guide
1. Prerequisite Reading
2. Directory Server Overview
3. Related Information
1. Preparing for a Directory Server Installation
1.1. Installation Components
1.2. Configuration Decisions
1.2.1. Choosing Unique Port Numbers
1.2.2. Creating a New Server Root
1.2.3. Deciding the User and Group for Your Servers
1.2.4. Defining Authentication Entities
1.2.5. Determining Your Directory Suffix
1.2.6. Determining the Location of the Configuration Directory
1.2.7. Determining the Location of the User Directory
1.2.8. Determining the Administration Domain
1.3. Installation Process Overview
1.3.1. Selecting an Installation Process
1.3.2. Migration Process
1.3.3. Installing the Software
1.3.4. Starting the ns-slapd Process
1.4. Installation Privileges
2. Computer System Requirements
2.1. Summary of Supported Platforms
2.1.1. 32-bit Process
2.1.2. 64-bit Process
2.2. Hardware Requirements
2.3. Operating System Requirements
2.3.1. dsktune Utility
2.3.2. Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server Operating System
2.3.3. HP-UX 11i Operating System
2.3.4. Sun Solaris 9 Operating System
2.3.5. DNS and NIS Requirements
2.3.6. Installing the JRE
3. Using Express and Typical Installation
3.1. Installing on Solaris and HP-UX using an Express Installation
3.2. Installing on Solaris and HP-UX using a Typical Installation
3.3. Installing on Red Hat Enterprise Linux using an Express Installation
3.4. Installing on Red Hat Enterprise Linux Using a Typical Installation
4. Silent Installation and Instance Creation
4.1. Using Silent Installation
4.1.1. Silent Installation on Red Hat Enterprise Linux
4.1.2. Preparing Silent Installation Files
4.1.3. Specifying Silent Installation Directives
4.2. Using Silent Instance Creation
5. Post Installation
5.1. Launching the Help System
5.2. Populating the Directory Tree
6. Migrating from Previous Versions
6.1. Migration Overview
6.2. Migration Prerequisites
6.3. Migration Procedure
6.3.1. Migrating a Standalone Server
6.3.2. Migrating a 6.x Replicated Site
6.3.3. Migrating a 6.x Multi-Master Deployment
6.3.4. Managing Console Failover
6.4. Upgrading from Directory Server 7.x Versions
6.4.1. Before You Begin
6.4.2. Upgrading
6.4.3. After You Upgrade
7. Troubleshooting
7.1. Running dsktune
7.2. Common Installation Problems