Red Hat Portal Server 1.0

Portal Server Developer Guide

Table of Contents
1. Introduction to Portal Server Developer Guide
1.1. Document Conventions
1.2. Code Presentation Conventions
1.3. Assumptions About Portal Server Developers
2. Portal Server Architectural Overview
2.1. WAF Portal Package
2.2. Portal Server Packages
2.3. Portlets
3. Developing on Portal Server
3.1. Portlet Development
3.1.1. Developing Independent Portlets
3.1.2. Developing Portlets for Applications
3.2. Changing Styling
3.2.1. Using Themes for Portal Server Styling
3.2.2. The Role of XSL and CSS in Styling
3.2.3. Changing Page Structure
3.2.4. Creating New Page Layouts
3.2.5. Rendering to Pervasive Devices
3.3. Adding Your Own Portal Admin Tabs
4. Portal Server Tutorials
4.1. How to Create Independent Portlets
4.2. How to Create Application Dependent Portlets
4.3. How to Alter a Portal Stylesheet