Red Hat Web Application Framework 6.1

WAF Installation Guide

Table of Contents
Installation Introduction
1. Assumptions About Systems Administrators Installing WAF
2. Document Conventions
3. Code Presentation Conventions
I. Quick Start and Installation Preparations
1. Quick Start Installation
2. Installation Decisions
2.1. Production or Development Installation
2.2. Operating System to Install
2.3. Database Decision
2.4. Deciding on a Servlet Container
2.5. Search Engine Choices
3. Installation Overview
3.1. Preparing System for Installation
3.2. JDK Packages
3.3. Database Packages
3.4. Servlet Container Packages
3.5. Other Third-party Packages
3.6. Obtaining Red Hat WAF and Application Packages
4. Installation Preparations for Solaris
II. Installation for Production
5. Preparing for Production Installation
5.1. Installing the Prerequisite Software
6. Production Installation for WAF
6.1. Installing WAF and Application Packages
6.2. Configuring and Loading the Primary Application Instance
6.3. Configuring and Loading Secondary Application Instances (for Multi-JVM operation)
6.4. Starting the Server
7. Adding and Removing Applications in Production Systems
7.1. Adding WAF Applications
7.2. Removing WAF Applications
III. Installation for Development
8. Preparing for Development Installation
8.1. Installing the Prerequisite Software
9. Development Installation for WAF
9.1. Installing WAF Packages
9.2. Configuring and Loading the Primary Application Instance
9.3. Starting the Server
10. Adding and Removing Applications in Development Systems
10.1. Adding WAF Applications
10.2. Removing WAF Applications
IV. Application Configuration
11. The ccm Command-Line Tool
12. Red Hat Applications Configuration Details
13. Debugging
13.1. Debugging WAF
14. Upgrading
15. After Installing
15.1. Community
15.2. Monitoring
A. WAF Configuration Reference
waf.bebop.base_page -- Bebop base page class
waf.bebop.presentation_manager -- Bebop presentation manager class
waf.bebop.tidy_config_file -- JTidy validation listener config file
waf.debug -- Global debug flag
waf.dispatcher.default_expiry -- Default cache expiration
waf.dispatcher.is_caching_active -- Dispatcher caching enabled
waf.dispatcher.static_url_prefix -- Static URL Prefix
waf.kernel.data_permission_check_enabled -- DML permission checking flag
waf.kernel.primary_user_identifier -- The primary user identification
waf.kernel.remember_login -- Remember login by default
waf.lucene.interval -- Lucene update interval
waf.lucene.location -- Lucene location
waf.mail.debug -- Mail debug flag
waf.mail.javamail.configuration -- JavaMail properties URL
waf.pagemap.change -- Change Password Page
waf.pagemap.cookies -- Cookies Explanation Page
waf.pagemap.expired -- Expired Login Page
waf.pagemap.login -- Login Page
waf.pagemap.login_redirect -- Login Redirect Page
waf.pagemap.logout -- Logout Page
waf.pagemap.newuser -- New User Page
waf.pagemap.perm_single -- Single object Permissions Page
waf.pagemap.permission -- Permissions Page
waf.pagemap.recover -- Recover Password Page
waf.pagemap.root -- Root Page
waf.pagemap.workspace -- Workspace Page
waf.runtime.jdbc_ping_interval -- JDBC ping interval
waf.runtime.jdbc_pool_size -- JDBC connection pool size
waf.runtime.jdbc_url -- JDBC connection URL -- Search Indexer -- Raw Content Weight -- XML Content Weight -- Lazy Updates
waf.templating.stylesheet_paths -- Stylesheet paths file
waf.templating.stylesheet_resolver -- Stylesheet resolver class
waf.versioning.debug_ui_enabled -- Versioning UI debug flag
waf.web.application_file_resolver -- Application file resolver class
waf.web.cache_policy -- Default HTTP-header caching policy
waf.web.default_scheme -- Default scheme
waf.web.dispatcher_context_path -- Dispatcher context path
waf.web.dispatcher_servlet_path -- Dispatcher servlet path -- Virtual host
waf.web.server -- Server virtual host
waf.web.site_name -- Site name
waf.workflow.simple.alerts_enabled -- Workflow Alerts Enabled
waf.workflow.simple.alerts_sender -- Workflow Alerts Sender
B. CMS Configuration Reference
com.arsdigita.cms.category_authoring_add_form -- Item category add form
com.arsdigita.cms.default_content_section -- Default Content Section
com.arsdigita.cms.default_folder_template_path -- Default Folder Template Path
com.arsdigita.cms.default_item_resolver_class -- Item resolver class
com.arsdigita.cms.default_item_template_path -- Default Item Template Path
com.arsdigita.cms.default_notification_time -- Default Notification Time (Hours)
com.arsdigita.cms.default_template_resolver_class -- Template resolver class
com.arsdigita.cms.dhtml_editor_config -- DHTML Editor Configuration
com.arsdigita.cms.dhtml_editor_plugins -- DHTML Editor Plugins
com.arsdigita.cms.disable_item_pfs -- Disable (non-Template) Item p2fs
com.arsdigita.cms.hide_admin_tabs -- Hide Admin Tabs
com.arsdigita.cms.hide_folder_index_checkbox -- Hide Folder Index Checkbox
com.arsdigita.cms.hide_launch_date -- Hide launch date parameter
com.arsdigita.cms.hide_templates_tab -- Hide Templates Tab
com.arsdigita.cms.hide_timezone -- Hide timezone labels
com.arsdigita.cms.hide_udct_ui -- Hide UDCT UI
com.arsdigita.cms.item_adapters -- Item Adapters File
com.arsdigita.cms.languages -- Languages
com.arsdigita.cms.publish_to_file_class -- Publish to File listener class
com.arsdigita.cms.template_root_path -- Template Root Path
com.arsdigita.cms.use_section_categories -- Use Content Section-specific categories
com.arsdigita.cms.use_streamlined_creation -- Use streamlined content creation