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redWall Firewall is a bootable CD-ROM firewall based on Gentoo Linux. Its goal is to provide a feature-rich firewall solution together with a web-based interface for all the generated log files. redWall Firewall comes with Snort, SnortSam, DansGuardian and support for fwbuilder, SpamAssassin, reporting, VPN and mail alerts. Configuration files are stored on a floppy disk or a USB pen drive.

redWall Firewall是一份可引导的光盘防火墙,它基于Gentoo Linux。其目标是提供一份富有特色的防火墙解决方案,同时又为所有生成的日志文件提供一个基于web的管理界面。redWall Firewall包含了Snort、SnortSam、DansGuardian,支持fwbuilder、SpamAssassin及各种报告、虚拟专用网技术、邮件报警提醒。配置文件可以存放在软盘或者USB闪盘中。


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